Sunday, January 31, 2010

rant about blogspot gay culture.

- first off, 90% of gay profiles on blogspot are closeted. just an observation. a lot of guys dont even have their face recognised at all, but more likely, it will be their bodies on show. its kinda conserning that people would rather their body represent them before their face. its almost a luring device bc we all know gay culture is highly visual and it catches more interest while i think that the writing in blogspot should be the main consern. i do however think differently of blogs that have visuals and videos as their common format and purpose.

- a positive one for you. i love some of the stories and how they can be so similar amongst gay men, doesnt matter what context you will always find many similarities and even some forethought on subjects you havnt even approached yet in your sexual and gay cultural encounters. thats fantastic. congrats blogspot gays.

- i have some beef with the way people are carrying on in their punctuation choices (not really a gay culture on blogspot related comment). im not at all worried about the odd spelling mistake and internet shorthand writing but when people abuse punctuation, it gets me steaming. first big thing i HATE is the use of "..." after every three or four words. IS THERE SERIOUSLY THAT MUCH OF A BREAK IN EVERYTHING YOU SAY? come on boys, you dont have any impediment bc you can coherently type a response so dont make your writing look like it is comming from forrest gump. here is an exerpt:

"hey dude... so whats up with tim.... i cant believe it.... that he would go out with you but.... not even try anything... your hot! just sayin.... but really.... have a good week...."

it should be (not too anal but easier to read)

"hey dude. so, whats up with tim? i cant believe that he would go out with you but not even try anything. you're hot! just sayin. have a good week."

personally, i have started to resent gay culture on and off and thought that the concept of being gay meant that i had to be like those chiselled, beautiful men (and i still think this way bc im emotionlly screwed) and comming on blogspot gives me some kind of relief from my own condition. reading about lifestyles as confused as me is starting to pull my head into realising some people are given the same grief in life. sure i dont get much in the way of comments and back and forth discourse with my blogspot associatives (cept for dan and ryan, theyre sexy like pie) i still think i might have lurkers. lurkers meaning the ones who may come back and forth for some reading and stuff. i hope so bc i think i dont really write for just myself, i have a thing where i like to be critiqued just so i know im not going 'courtney love'. i think we all like communication and the communication is kinda vital and essential seeing as this is what blogspot is for.

i think those are the dominant thoughts in my mind. thats it for now eh? here is a silly picture.

im off mah tits!

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