Sunday, January 10, 2010


ive discovered a few beautiful anime tv series that is nothing but gay themed. only two shows though but if im lucky someone will see this and know a few. i dont ant hentai or any of the really sexual stuff, i like th basic romantic comedy/tragedy situation.

ive finished watching Sukisho, a very cool story of love in between tragedies. funnily enough i didnt realise they were all male characters until i read it bc some of them look like women. anime gender is so blurred. there are lots of reasons to love this one... ill let you look instead of telling.

the one i finished tonight was called gravitation hich was so fantstiche. a rising pop star in japan falling for a famous, but bitter, author with a deep and dark past. i love the two characters and how they seem to be so opposite and attract t the same time. they actually dont start off as gy but just fall into each others love. its special.

ill link it and maybe you guys want to look, they are such enlightening series for all you die hard romantics.


i would have to say i loved gravitation slightly more but i really loved all the sexual frustration of sukisho.

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