Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the positivity blog

the dodo of all blogs is here. i know its condescending (read egotistical) but c'mon, baby steps.

i am an amazing catch. i may not have the worldy experience of a jezebel but i am a moral booty of relationship treasures.

why wouldnt someone want me? james does, i can tell. problem is, i dont fit in with him in any way.

i thought a thought this morning (duh), i said to myself "someone is going to benefit off of the fact that i have saved myself for them one day, saving all of my love and dedication for just one person. my man should be the happiest person and not take me for granted."

maybe there is a reason i get a lot of rejection? maybe its because these men arent any sort of quality, tainted by the constructed (and invisible) gay image of culture. gay... i would rather consider myself a queer.

i am happy looking as feminine as possible, it brings me closer to my female friends and what they do on a reg basis.

my blogs are not particularly about the everyday events but a subjective opinion on the everyday life and the events that matter the most to me. all that is in the past is all that i know and as far as men go Abraham is my only past and therefore the center of my world still. moving on doesnt matter if it is a lower quality of life, i will only care to move on if i have an equally matched quality of life as i had with him. im stubborn, guys. i certainly deserve an equally matched life that levels out with the microclimate that abe and i had built. therefore, i am not moving.

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