Thursday, January 28, 2010

a blog entry just bc

the creative juices arent flowing right now, i sat down with all of my makeup and looked through the colours to see what i could do but nothing! nothing is particularly standing out me and i think it is because of my lack of colours. i sure have a lot of matte, colours for all seasons, discluding any chance of bright blocks of yellow, blue or red. the primary colours are too bright for the everyday look, that is, if you dont know how to use them. i may or may not have splurged on a lot of makeup this morning... ok, i did! i paid $150 for 11 shades from MAC cosmetics. now, if you know mac then u know it is quality so dont fret. i paid like half the price anyways seeing as the pots of shaddows themselves cost $30 each. do the maths 300 for 11 and i got it for 150!

i know it is genuine MAC jst bc i know how to spot the fakes. some fakes are really really convincing though. the key on ebay when you are buying brand names look for the power sellers and stores that have a constant flow of customers. if they do then its an obvious sign it is a trustworthy place to buy. and after that you still have to be warey of fakes esp with MAC bc it is so sought after by makeup enthusiasts.

today i also splurged and bought myself a new hair dryer and straightner. you guys saw that my hair was straight and very long in a previous blog but my hair is naturally very VERY curly

contrast and compare time!

my hair is very long and curly now but u can tell just by that piggy curl in the front tht i am a curly sue. i believe that one curl in the front now reaches past the dimple. what was it the hairdesser called my hair style now?... um, a curl bob. 

oh, what else to rant about. oh yeah, on australia day it was also very conveniently another anniversary btwn Abe and i. the 26th of every month was pretty much a day to re-declare it all. being the love birds we were. so, Australia day. it was more like a mourning day not just bc of the bf. australia day is also called survival day or invsaion day by my peoples. remember im Aboriginal! yeah. so, i had the day to think about the end of a lof of my cultural traditions that i should have inherited, the language and religion (spirituality moreso) and it is to be recognised as the day of mourning that stuff. it was kinda hard to mourn, let alone think, on a 40 degree day!!! i didnt leave the house once except in a car and i drank myself silly in the afternoon. i dont have family here and it wouldnt make a diff seeing as we dont celebrate the destruction of our peoples, fair enough aye?

so drink drink drink then i passed out woke up and wondered around the house pointlessly.

my life is so busy, what with the laying down and getting up...

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  1. I must say that I like your look in your natural state, but experiementing with different looks is fun.

    It strikes me as sad that Australia Day is a reminder of what traditions you lost. I hope there is an Aboriginal Day that celebrates your culture.