Sunday, January 10, 2010

i remnant i re-read

word for word this is Abraham's writing... his mini blog (true rarity). dont have a clue who he is talking abt though :S

 : )

It's been five months... five wonderful months. With rare exception, we talk each morning and each night ... on an average 5 hours per day (wow!). We have learned so much about each other, likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges, moods, feelings, needs, etc.

And still we are together. Still the rleationship grows. You literally know more about me than anyone else in this world. And still, you stay by my side. We share a special connection. We are friends, lovers, and soul mates....

I sit at my computer and pull up a variety of pictures I have of you. Casual ones, and intimate ones. As I do, I find myself starring at your features. You are so handsome, and your look, so versatile. I find myself doing an inventory of your body, from head to toe and its such a pleasure.

Your hair with its long dark curls makes me to want to run my fingers through it. Your eyes, the window to your soul, hazel green and so expressive. I can never forget those eyes, they speak volumes. Your lips, mmm, I so want to join mine to them and kiss you so deep, so long. Your cheeks, so smooth and beautiful.

Your broad strong shoulders are so senuous in a particular picture you gave me. The hair on your body captivates me, as I'm a sucker for dark hair. I won't embarass you here with commentary about your more intimate features but you know how I feel about them. You are such a handsome sexy man and I so want to make passionate love to you. My eyes routinely undress you and my imagination allows me to fully explore your body and press my body close to yours. I want to be on you, under you, and in you.

Andee, you are a G-d send to me. I love you so. Your beauty, both internal and external takes my breath away. You are bright, creative, sensitive, loving, fun to be with, exciting, challenging, and omg you claim me as your man.

I am most fortunate. There are not enough, or sufficient, words to proclaim what I feel for you, and from you.

I want to please you in every way. I want to protect you from any and all harm, My friend, my lover, my soul mate. I want us to walk lifes paths hand in hand. Together we can beat all odds. It's me and you babe. against the world.

Avrahm loves Andrew now, and forever...

a pic from the days he didnt smile in photos... oh dear.

{you know, its the only time i ever believed in having good attributes. love is so convincing an elixir.}

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