Saturday, January 9, 2010

makeup results

huzzah, ive been working on some looks ltely and decided it was about time to take pictures of some and share.

the first is my attempt to recrete and improve my friend jayne's "goth alice" look. here it is.

good yeah? i had to put a foundation lighter than my skin to have that porcelain/deathly look which had a medium powder on top.

for the eyes i started  to prime the lids and around the eyes with a black eye liner penciling a circle and filling in the gaps, then smudging and bending. for the lid i used a black shaddow and a small it under the eye and around the primed area. i then used a blending brush to put on a kind of dark red/brown eyeshadow on the contour of the black bending inwards. i then used a red eye blush powder to blend out the edges and making sure the lines had a glow about them. that was finished with a angled flat brush to make "beams" of white shaddow.

the lips were easy. i just covered the lip with a base of transparent gloss and skin tone blush. then i used a pencil liner to shape the lips and filled it out with the black eye shaddow i used on the eyes.

the second look was just quick and rough, here it is.

ok, simple one again, i started from the eyebrow working myself down to the lid using a white shaddow with a slight golden hue as the brow highlight then a deeper gold for the lower brow line and crease. the lid is a bronze colour. i then used a small applicator to put blue long the eye line starting from the middle of the eye going out into a line which i then blended out with a small blending brush. i modified it (side pics) by putting a dab of light silvery green and then another small dab of bluein the corner of the eyes just for an embelishment.

im loving it.

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