Friday, January 8, 2010


hey boys.

i need to catch up on a lot of reading with peoples blogs... mostly the people tht follow me. i think ive neglected it for a fair while and i know its a sign of manners to return the reading favour. i decided that if i wanted comments and followers i will make comments and follow first, hopefully. and no this is not a new years resolution, i gave those up back when i was a silly teen.

speaking of new years, what happened?! i know thats broad but couldnt hurt to ask. i had a flu! i couldnt party anywhere, i just ended up in my bed in wollongong playing with makeup and listening to all the rukus. being alone on new years eve is only for the brave hearted because it is quite hard going it alone. i think i am that brave hearted person bc i can manage to go without seeing family for months at a time and currently my best friend is in london so i should be having jayne withdrawls, but i dont tend to suffer seperation anxiety... well unless its about a big man i love and cant wait to see again.

follow on for the year ahead. its going to be a weird one.

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  1. Welcome back Pants. I would have gone crazy being with family that long without internet access. I too spent New Years Eve alone. I thought of you, as I was watching an international clock that told when the new year hit each part of the world. I don't drink at home, because of the kids, and sort of regretted not buying some kind of booze that night. I was lonely, missing Michael. It would have been the perfect opportunity to get drunk and wallow in my sorrow. Oh well, it just didn't happen.

    I look forward to reading future posts as your new year continues on.