Wednesday, February 24, 2010


----------------------------------------this blog has nothing to do with anything

i found this video and it makes me laugh till i cry no matter how many times i watch it.

oh boy, i am so excited. im having a dinner party soon for my new queers. EAGLE is one of them. im going to flirt my balls off. im going to make them apple martinis and some nachos so we can watch horror movies. i hope he and i will snuggle... but, there is one thing, he might like my housemate instead. i promised myself i wouldnt be jealous if he chose jason. the simple reason is one eagle said himself. it will be easier to live and have a relationship with a chinese man based on communication. he basically shot me down but im still really attracted to him. i know i will go through the issues of body image again soon and i am anticipating it during this paranoia abt eagle. also, he is 31, 10 yrs older than me. truth is I DONT MIND! tehehehe.

hey, im on facebook if anyone is interested. my name is andrew farrell and my picture is me with a green balaclava with a pom pom and me holding a drawn on moustache to my face. oh shit, im so dumb, its my picture here on blogspot too. ill keep tht dumbass sentence to remind myself of my dumbassery.

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  1. Sometimes us older ones have loads more to offer! hehe.x hugs x