Tuesday, February 2, 2010

todays short story.


today i did some mentoring orientation thing where me and my friend brenna looked after a class and ran the art studio with heaps of kids in the last yr of highschool.

i told her i dont care about talking about her ex's, i dont care about talking about love games and im bsically sick of it. i know its partly in spite for her not being around for me in the mourning and i deff think and feel that i am not her best friend anymore. a great loss i suppose, though, my general level of apathy is high and i dont care about anyone anymore. if its an average part of grief, whatever.

thank fucking god i wont be hearing a woman yap any longer about her stories of relationships, which she is mostly taking for granted. i suppose the men in it are also the same. at least i only attract the deranged, smart, stalker types *rolls eyes*

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