Thursday, February 4, 2010

oh life, ohhh life, buddy old pal

you come home from work and you got  bitch naggin at you to have some quality time with her! hah, thts what my housemate is acting like atm. im not her damn bf, she should go have her hissie somewhere else. bc i came home from mentoring all day, and gyming all afternoon doesnt mean im gonna come home sprightly and ready for eager chat, its not possible. i want rest and ima get it. she can be all boo boo, caus i dont care.

on a greater note, I JUST WENT BACK TO THE GYM. it begins!!! i just have to soldier on like i did last year and i will get back down to 70kg, as opposed to my current 100kg. see how dramatically different they are? well, thts what happened crying over abe for a year. imagine what else it could do to me!

even better note is i got new MAC makeup, wooooooo. happy boy i am. im a budding makeup artists you know.


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  1. Woohoo back to the gym. Big step. Well done. Get yourself a gym playlist on your iPod. Whack it on full blast and the hours will fly by. You will 70kg in no time. Good luck with it fella :D