Friday, March 5, 2010

a post needs to happen

its almost 5am and i still havnt gone to sleep. im really yearning to have a soulmate to talk to. at this time abe would deff talk to me and tie off all of the loose ends of the day.

my body clock is absolutely fucked. i dont understand it this week, i sleep at the right time on monday and wake up fine, tuesday morning is the next time i got to sleep and wed is the same. now it is thurs at 5am and i still havnt made it. i managed to nap at weird times on tues and thurs and now my body wants to euthanise itself.

my housemate and several friends are always asking me to go out and drink. other friends are being let down easy where as cathy, the housemate, is relentless in her boredom and keeps asking me. i have a very non-bored life atm what with gym and uni and all she really does besides study is slob around. i have the gym and it fulfils me and i dont need any more excitement for the night and cathy just sits at home in her room depening on my sudden urge to go out. I DONT WANT TO. i dont need to, she does bc she is bored. i get it that she wants quality time and whatever but we fucking live together, i dont need to socialise with her every nanosecond of the damn day. ill find her a boyfriend and let her loose, thank fuck for that day. COME NOW. she still says hello every day. i feel like i am being reintroduced to her every fucking day. i know her, i know her well, i dont need 'hi' all the damn time. maybe she is just so clueless and cant begin talking any other way.

uni, oh boy! im doing this communications subject which is really giving me insight on the internet and concepts such as authorship and media. fancy that, my assessments are mostly to do a blog. im doing one right now, but, this is more academic so i have to use literacy tools (eugh). besides that all of my lectures revolve around society and culture in one way or another, one with humans:environment, humans:virtual world, humans:social realm. i am a 4th year and im doing a few 2nd yr subject meaning i get a total bludge. im used to 4500 word essays and these 2nd yr subject have a max 2500 and min 2000, so easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

gimme a man to talk to and snuggle with right now please. below is one of Abes fave photos... we were so desperate to be like this photo. he even bought me the same necklace as that guy. i dont norm wear jewelry but yeah, for him.

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