Monday, February 22, 2010

mardi gras fair day

i thought i would write what happened over the weekend.

well, to start off there was a 2 hour train ride from wollongong to sydney central. i met my housmate jasons friend belinda. they are both chinese international students and both so very queer. belinda is such a naughty butch, so she says. i think she will be just as good a friend as jason. i am not surprised that i have been so tollerant and patient when living with an international student even though the language barrier is so hard and it helps that i do a course that is based in cultural studies, im just a very curious person when it comes to foreign lifestyles.

it was a smoking hot day and the fair fay was in a park. the place screamed just as much queer as the mardi gras parade itself, some 3000 people of the gbltiq community attended. it felt like somewhere i was supposed to be and it just felt right. 80% of men wore very little, butch lesbians lounging about under the trees and drag queens "manning" the stalls hoping to god their foundation and concealer dont melt off with the amount of sweat being produced.

the fair itself was portioned into well designed areas. there was a corner for queer pet competitions (fair was extremely pet friendly) like the pet/owner "look-alike" competition. then there was a food area and to no surprise there was a million hotdog stalls, purposely placed so all gay men would buy and suggestively eat the dog (know what i mean?) and considering all the lesbians were stereotypically vegetarian or vegan they would eat in a diff area. I KID YOU, it was prob the most integrated area of the fair. snow cones were a must but also fucking expensive.

after one whip around we found queers from wollongong and sat and had our picnic and thank god it was under a tree. we were behind a stall of a sydney gay men football team which i so very drool at. solid, hairy thighs and footy socks are deff a weakness for me. BUT there was a familiar feeling abt tht team and i realised why, IT WAS MY RELOS TEAM, my cousin luke plays for them and surprise, surprise, he was there. its not a prob seeing as im mostly well known as being out but it still kinda ruined the horny distractedness of it all.

lets talk abt eagle. bad ass name right? hes so cute. i met him through other people in my group and have seen him maybe once before. now that i have awesome friends in the asian community im gaining access to a lot of interesting people and culture. he is another chinese international of course. flirting went on for such a long time talking abt preference in men, cultural stuff tht i was curious abt and random stuff. i invited him to everything that i like to do like gym and to my themed dinner party nights. he said he might bring his wooden chinese flute over (not a euphemism) and we can compare flutes bc i play consert flute. my mouth muscle has gotten a  bit tender so i wont be as good. he looks my age as well but it turns out he is 30, damn, jason and belinda are the same. maybe it is the west that looks old earlier. or maybe it is the grief that makes me look older. no matter what it seems that i am always ending up with people older than me, all of the men i have been with were older than me though abe was only a few months older.

time to go back to wollongong : ( the day was perfect really. too perfect and ended up making me feel what i felt in my last blog. im inviting eagle and belinda around soon for a movie night bc they are awesome and im hoping tht eagle was attracted to me. i mean, i got his number right?


  1. Glad you had a fun time. I think you will get more and more comfortable having a good time. Just takes time.

    And what's this about the west looking old earlier?!

  2. haha, its so true. it is funny. jase and i were talking abt this and it seems tht the east, namely asia, get (look) old at a very dramatic rate from the 40s onward but us Western background ppl (even tho im only half) to look old from th 30s. none of them need foundation bc they have amazing skin. i need to meet a chinese man who has terrible skin to break this stereotype.