Wednesday, February 10, 2010

epic pants

i just found somthing quirky, someone has compiled a lot of internet pic thingies that all involve gay pants in one form or another (here)

well according to this blog (out of nowhere) i am writing about my title i guess. GAY PANTS you say? yes please. i dont know where to begin on this next thing i found. basically a guy pouring water on himself on a train and DONT FORGET THE GAY TRANCE MUSIC. ultimately, its all about the gay pants. its about how you wear them that makes them particularly "gay" but all in all i think its about being tight, low cut and plain fashionable as some gays tend to be. i would kill to be able to wear my pants like this muva but there would be less flash dance moments in train toilets, im sure.

Wet Jeans Train Ride from Playhard on Vimeo.


i didnt mean for this to go sexual but i suppose its what you get when your browsing for the word 'gay' and 'pants'.

the origin of pants to begin with is just a nickname given to me by my "hag" brenna. we dont say hag but it's there. pants has kinda stuck and im very happy to have that nickname. it must be the outrageous pants i wore last year in uni. red denim shorts, frayed at the ends, i think tht qualifies for epic nicknamage. so pants it is. whenever i cross paths with drunkets like myself (while we are drunk) it tends to blow their minds that my nickname is pants. i dont know why the intoxicated part of society adopt me as a best friend as soon as someone shouts pants and i respond.

below you will see a man that has out gayed my pants by a longshot. oh, adam lambert where am i to go from here if you have worn pants that looked likethey had been designed by dolce and gabana, sewn by carson cresley and had been tailored to fit you by sir elton john. it is so much gay in a pair of pants, agreed?


one last thing! oh there be more gay to be had, much more stereotype to feed the mind of queers that are happy to have a laugh but diligently remain PC. gay pants are quite extrodinary in this MADTV skit. oh i love the odd flamming man.

and for my pop loving rnb people, a beautiful korean woman BoA whos music i am falling deep in love with. she is a machine of a woman and i do hope there is another english album released.

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