Sunday, February 7, 2010

F to the M L

blogger isnt tht exciting as i thought it would be.

the diary writing is lagging and im not in the mood lately. even having a bad mood should inspire a blog but it just doent make me want to anymore.

i have zero amount of life to talk abt so ill prob leave this page empty for ages. once i have life worth talking abt i might just do it. i dont even talk much to my housemate based on the fact tht there is nothing happening.

FML, seriously.


  1. I'm sorry your feeling so down about your life, and your writing. Sometimes life moves very slowly, but it is during these times that change is happening.

    I for one would miss hearing what is going on with you, but I will be patient.


  2. yeah im just going to become a machine again. gym, home, repeat.