Friday, December 4, 2009

technical virgin?

interesting story here. ill make it really short and sweet. so, i am always asking myself and re-validating the fact that i am a virgin, but, its not entirely true which is why i question it and have to reassure myself.

gah, i hate giving away the big secret before i tell the rest of the story but it is kinda important. i was 7, meaning 7 total years of age and in second grade if i remember correctly. so its not hard to figure out (followed by a gasp) that i lost my "virginity" at a young age, but i always wonder, was that really what you could call "sex"? the first issue that pops into the mind is "was the other guy far older, a sicko?" i would gladly clear that up and tell you he was the same age as me and it was deff consentual. it makes me a bit fidgity just retelling because i dont think people mostly understand that a person could be so curious at that age and actually go there. i remember feeling it, but, can not think if our bodily functions mimicked that of a grown man, this is where i draw the line and tell myself "i am a virgin." there was a sexual consciousness to the whole thing and i knew exactly what i was doing but i dont think it qualifies because of the lack of physical development.

since this i have not done any sexual thing with anyone. i guess i have developed a lot because i believe in morals such as monogamy and reserving myself for only one person. i treasure my inexperience at this point. i am 21, the years between the event and now has unexpectedly turned out in the healthiest possible way. its like the slate was cleaned.

what do you think, can i validate my claim to virginity?


  1. Without knowing the full story of what happened before, and in all honesty, not really wanting too, I would say that yes, you are a virgin. Fumbling around as a youngster does not constitute sex, so you still have your virginity intact. Well Done :D

  2. haha i didnt want to make it detailed at all. penetrated butt but not the mind lol.

  3. You know, this brings up an interesting topic. As men, and as gay men, there doesn't seem to be any agreement on what constitutes "sex." And in turn, how do we define virginity?

  4. i'd say technically not a virgin. but at 7, it clearly wasn't sexual so your virginity is practically still intact. its whatever you think it is i suppose. penetration is kind of a bigger deal than just sucking or fondling though... tough call.