Wednesday, December 9, 2009

paranormal coincidence

i saw the movie today and it impressed me on more than one level. i found that it spoke to my past. now, you wonder what i have to do with hauntings, deamons, spirits and late night shenanigans. i will tell you.

i wont spoil the movie for those who havnt seen it but there are several times where the lead female sleepwalks. i have the most intense goosebumps typing this out. i was a chronic sleepwalker when i was younger, not your average sleepwalker. i almost died several times. both incidents were in the bathroom doing the exact same thing, filling the bathtub and getting in. the first time i just laid in it with the water filling, mum heard, my aunt who lives with us heard and saved me. the second was not exactly the same because i didnt just lie in the bath, i tried to swim! seriously, laps. funny enough but the reality was i was young and asleep unaware of my body taking over. it doesnt stop there.

there was one episode so traumatic to me because i woke up in the middle of a paddock behind my house with mum and tresia (aunt) screaming at me to get inside. now, what was also frightening is the fact that the destination i was set for was my family graveyard. the paddock behind my house ends there and its exactly where i was going. i woke up and only remember the panic and me balling my eyes out. ive done smaller things like peeing in the wrong place, climbing walls etc.

ok im scaring myself now i need to stop blogging.

ill brief you on the demons and spirits past soon but im a bit scared right now. just know that i have played ouija so many times and have felt a spirit grab my ankle.

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