Wednesday, December 16, 2009


mkay. this blog has nothing deep about it, though i do like deep (...thats what he said). this blog is about makeup and yes i mean cosmetics not genetic makeup.

one of my recent cravings is to dabble in makeup, buy it, try it etc. my inspiration is joshua, a guy on youtube with the user name petrilude. i suppose he has sparked my interest in the superficial beauty secrets of women and drag queens alike. hes not raging or anything and looks beautiful in makeup because he has the bone structre to carry it well. what he specialises in is eyes, eye shaddow, brow shaping and colour combinations that make me extrodinarily jealous. i wish i could have a face for makeup but im afraid my face is far too masculine. when i shave i can see a five o'clock shaddow at lunchtime, seriously, i just squint my eyes and consentrate on the folicles, they will sprout. it isnt doing me any favours when i want to work with makep and means i would have to use a fuckload of concealer.

anywhooooo. i think my goal is to buy that concealer. i already know my skin tone in foundations which is medium beige. as a person with an Aboriginal and irish background how did i end up with BEIGE skin??? riddle me that, mother.

so, why makep? i love playing with makeup in general and am often watching my best friends use it so often. i want to and i am getting advice from petrilude. though, affording the makeup and working out the techniques is going to be another hurdle in my quest for a smoky dark eye and natural lip gloss, or even a flamboyant wing (that is just when you use liquid mascara to flick out the line from the eyelashes) with some shades of burgundy and brown. oh dear, i think if i were a good canvas i would deff try some drag out. my frame is similar to a little footballing, tanky, back liner. in essence, i look like a fridge.

i heart drag queenery, in fact, ive made out with one and it was fine. there is a bit of a story behind that one and i have pics. eek.

many tangents have been blown (... what he said again) so im just gonna refocus on buying makeup kits maybe. im talking eyeshadow kits but i need a lot of the foundation things. this is my DIY project over summer here in aust, then again, makeup in the head tends to be a bad idea esp if i am going out but then again i think my goal should be just to sit in my bathroom or something and try it all out and i could be ready for winter events.

another side note is that i have this recent obsession with making little cotton pom poms, like on the tops of beanies and i plan to make a giant mohawk of pom poms to put on top of my favourite beanie for a new winter trend. i made pom pom earrings for my best friend brenna for xmas so i had a bit of a creative workshop with myself.

thats it. and below is my inspiration... joshua *sigh*

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  1. A little makeup is always good. I couldnt get through life without concealer and foundation, especially after heavy nights out. A bit of guyliner goes a long way too. Thats as far is it goes for me with makeup though