Monday, November 9, 2009


i find myself giving advice to a person who has not even seen the tip of the iceberg that is gay-world. i stop and think "huh? how is that possible, i know nothing really." and that is very very true. i feel like "experience" means an extensive list of lovers (term love used very (no extremely) loosely) and a repertoire of sexual positions in a back catalogue of experience. i guess the thing is, why is he asking?

he (will not be named) is in a relationship with a girl who has reconcilled with the fact that he is "bi" and i can safely say the boy is a biiiiiiiig gay. he wants to break up with her but he is morbidly cowardice. the biggest reason he could find to tell me for staying with her was that she had taken his cats and is looking after them. guys reading this im sure ur laughing or at least smirking or coughing "loser" into your fist, because i am. i realise that i have the luxury of being where i am, that is, out! hes gently taking the steps and doing himself a whole deal of harm being in this very strange relationship.

if u wanted to know the girl, she is my ex housemate and "friend" from far back in highschool and i really couldnt see the relationship of this masculine girl and feminine man come together, no, wait...
(straight in reverse?)

thank goodness i know myself so well that i dont allow myself to deal with extra curricular relationships that tell me which gender that i should consumate love with. he has far more limited experience than me but i beg to differ in some respect. lets break it off into personalities...

andee: gay male, slow and steady, ready for a long term relationship, holding off sex for a good boy.

he (hah u thought i woulda given the name): ??? male, promiscuous, cum whore who really is looking for a good bang.

he told me he needed an experienced man and hinted tht maybe i am not the one to talk to, wow, im so sorry tht i am not going out and getting my daily fuck after my morning coffee for research purposes so that my friend could have guidance. i think ill move at my own pace. sex is not just sex, it is a highly personal thing.

i have reclaimed my virginity but i think i always was because of a technicality. interested in the story? maybe in the next blog...

biggest head in the southern hemisphere!!!!

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