Friday, November 13, 2009

what i miss

i miss my big guy
i miss my boyfriend
i miss my love
i miss the spring in my step
i miss the life we could have had
i miss saying hubby
i miss making u laugh
i miss having ur emoitons overwhelm me
i miss the times i run home for u
i miss ur grumbling laugh
i miss that yankee accent
i miss ur eyes
i miss ur brick wall like dancing
i miss ur lankyness
i miss ur nose
i miss ur zest for religion and psychology
i miss our avyuin
i miss our favourite emoticon
i miss ur sensitivity
i miss ur d***
i miss that u owned me
i miss the difference i had made to u
i miss holding convo, distracting you so i wasnt easily forced to sleep most nights
i miss constantly fighting myself so i could have you
i miss waking up to your phone calls
i miss lying to you abt u waking me up every morning bc i wanted to spend all waking moments together
i miss the tenderness
i miss the fact u could hunt and take me down if i ever ran away, smotheredness of kisses to boot
i miss ur instincts, stroking the screen because u wanted to touch
i miss your smell, i preserve it in the bottle u sent me
i miss challanging you into deep thoughts
i miss the heat of passion
i miss ur tears for my breakthrough's, whos gonna be proud of me like u were?
i miss the sense of unity
i miss the mood shift from happy to sad just by knowing ur there
i miss ur life and being a part of it
i miss making weird requests including the honey and apples
i miss the test tube incident and how it made you crack up
i miss ur protectiveness
i miss ur mum
i miss that we were to be family, moreso than we already are
i miss sam, whom ive distracted by mooing over the phone. hes an idiot, i love him too.
i miss tht i wont get to meet tommy and ray, and perry. it would have been nice to have a dad figure.
i miss the prospect of impressing ruth in the kitchen, i had a dinner plan already.
i will miss life if i dont move on, he said it to me. he wants the happiness to be in my life.
i miss screwing up so i could pull a puppy face and get my way
i miss the times we almost got caught, the thrill is an adrenaline rush, hmm
i miss ur faith and commitment
i miss disecting all that u said
i miss you disecting all that i said comming up with the most whacked conclusion
i miss saying 'love you' every day of my life knowing ur not around to hear me
i miss crying for good reasons
i miss giving myself up to you
i miss our connection

love, your bashert
i should have left everything for u, Abraham. i stupidly chose where i am right now

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  1. Beautiful List!

    Acknowledge regrets, then let go of them.