Sunday, November 29, 2009

had to vent

ok so right now i have waited and waited for hours for someone and i am very unimpressed. why make plans and abandon them. its like if a worker turned up late for each day, by now you wouldve fired them.

so what is it that i am venting? the other day i caught my friend online, this is a friend that was there for a lot of the grief i have had, and we talked for about two mins. this is the first time in a long time tht i even contacted him and i was quite excited really. everytime i am online to talk and he is there to talk back (bc i would norm just talk to myself) he ends up saying the same thing, "an appointment came in, sorry" and i bluntly say "lates", and nothing more. just sitting here with the same abandonment but even worse bc he actually promised i would have this time to talk to him and tht he were saving it for me, WRONG.

is it a thing where i have been downgraded to aquaintance? being busy isnt always going to hold as a great excuse to stand me up.

it makes me realise that i have to take yet another "spoon of cement" TO HARDEN THE FUCK UP. happy days.

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  1. Maybe he genuinly is busy at times. Try not being so dependant on his conversation and just wait until he approaches you. Next time you sign in and he is there, dont talk to him, just wait and see if he comes to talk to you