Thursday, November 26, 2009

Profiling Abraham

the boy that i frequently refer to is Abe, my soulmate that was taken from me in a car crash earlier this year. i suppose that profiling him would have to be inclusive of profiling me! i mean profile as in basic info, such as:

height: 6ft2
hair: brown
eyes: brown
religious: yes, jewish
hometown: long island, ny
personality/random stuff: intense, protective, strong, persistant, promise keeper, military boy, bouncer, proud gay.

height: 5ft7
hair: dark brown
eyes: hazel/green
religious: no, slightly spiritualist though. Aboriginal.
hometown: culburra australia
personality/random stuff: soft, humorous, wiz chef, affectionate, creative (sculptor/installation artist), loyal to the bone, family man, pacifist, gay as!

im sure you can gather that we were ultimately the odd couple, but i assure you, there could never be a more intense love. we were lovers that could have lasted a lifetime and to some extent is still here even if he is dead. i suppose what made us different was always fetishised by the other.

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