Saturday, November 28, 2009

passing thought

ok so i just had a good boost to this shit night. my family dropped by after a shit night out on the town and made the night better, they are gone now but i havnt seen any of my family in about half a year. it makes me want to go home and i cant because of a lot of things, but i will eventually. gee they never stop talking so there is never a moment of awkward. which is good.

i have a fuckload of family and its abt time one of the buggers came to my house instead of the other way around. my friends in wollongong made me have an average to crap night out on the town but i can be assured that if family are involved there is no shit night cause if i end up catching up with them, i feel content. im a family boy but not enough to stick around with the bulk of them (which is virtually countless) on the south coast. i need to be near a gay community where i can find the (next) "one" and its all about the logistics of my homo lifestyle and how home on the south coast is nowhere near a good place to find my boy.

luv my cuz annie.

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  1. just gotta find the one and then you can go wherever you want. :)