Wednesday, October 21, 2009

racism: small rant.

first of all, i must discuss my identity as a preamble to this as for most people it is a neccesary element to my view. fair enough. i am Indigenous Australian, Aboriginal. i am also a gay man. i may not look particularly "stereotype" but trust me, my cultural history and beliefs are that of a contemporary mission based brood.

as an Indigenous person, or any person outside of the hegemonic white sphere, i have to battle some very unneccesary battles. it is a huge waste of time to go onto youtube where people openly
(insert minority) bash. i dont care what minority it is really and i will always maintain a view that tried to decolonise, be empathetic and even try my best not to reverse the discrimination.

does the internet give people strength, no, but it sure can break some heartstrings. i hear comments about Aboriginal people in passing and even gay comments more frequently. people are so afraid of me. i am not lurking behind your house in the bushes waiting to morally corrupt your way of life and overtake you so why maintain that authoritive look at the world?

fight discrimination, and be sure i am there with you.

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