Monday, October 19, 2009

hello there.

hi readers.

i just thought it was about time i started an official blogging page. i have been writing blogs very addictively for the last 11 months on facebook now and i think its time to consumate the relationship i have with my online diary of sorts.

the theme of my blog is to open up some of my thoughts like many others here have done. it is gay themed so if you are not interested i suppose you dont have to read further. for those who wish to read, i will be discussing the gay lifestyle in a freestyle fashion, talking about whatever when ever it happens. most likely i will be talking about gay relationships on many levels.

one thing i suppose people should be exposed to is that i will be writing about a man by the name of Abraham (Abe). i lost him, my boyfriend, in a car accident around the same time of my blogging addiction and a lot of my blogs are about overcomming the emotional and physical obstacles that have occured. i am now 10 months into the grieving process and shall continue to find more about myself to write down.

hopefully, i will gain a lot of friends, a lot of amazing chats and a lot of followers that may learn from the issues i have faced.

i will be copy pasting some blogs to show you what i am made of. i hope you smile and cry and sigh.

p.s. my nickname is Pants so there is the overall theme of why my blog is titled as such lol.
yeah thats me.

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  1. hey pants. I’ve spent the last two days catching up on your blog and reading through all your posts. Have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and musings.
    Ps – re: being humiliated when you went out on that “match making date” you are not bad looking at all. And that’s not a come on, I promise, I’m on the other side of the world anyway. lol. I will keep following your blog :)