Monday, October 19, 2009

mr and mr weis.

this clip is the ultimate in supplying the undersatnding of the way in which we worked, this is for ppl trying to understand how the relationship between abraham and i worked. this is an old blog from myspace i wrote a while ago. so load the vid, otherwise, the writing is null and void.

this is such a strong sentiment to what was going on in my world. the ambition of love, the want and the need is so embedded in this clip. i really was astonished at the power of dialogue and the associative emotions to words and such. it clarified so much by the men's gesture's and the power of feeling, that is, feeling that can affect even without the physical side of love. it is wanting and desire, belief and communication that can hold everything together.

in this clip the guys are in a natzi military camp, noting some past prevelance for my man i am sure because he is jewish. i cant quite explain but it is as if this were appropriated in our life. it underpins the modes of expression and visual landscape of distance and closeness which is astounding to me. that i can feel my guy, even if detatched, it is like some things in this world are born in seperation but somehow it is the closest and most conected thing that can happen. it is translated through an environment that deprives of the intimacy, yet the minds manage to throroughly effect via this 'want.'

i hope you could appreciate gestures like this.

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